While online poker playing might be a fun way to spend the night, for thousands of people all over the world this is the way of earning money.  There are more young players attracted to the possibility of earning some big cash online every day, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are tons of websites for online poker playing.

Although there are people who are earning their living by playing poker, these guys make only a small percentage of players. Playing for fun is one thing, but making a career out of it is a completely different thing. Like any other career, you need discipline, practice and a set of rules to actually make some money out of it.

If you still want to take a chance and succeed among thousands of people playing online, heres some of the advice from professional poker players that might come in handy. These two tips might sound like plain common sense thinking, but youd be surprised at how many new players make exactly these two mistakes.

Never play under the influence


This is not only a beginners mistake as weve heard about many professional players who like to have a few drinks while theyre playing. It might seem like a good idea to have a couple of shots to relax and play more confidently, but once the booze kicks in, its more likely that youre gonna start blundering. Alcohol gives you the illusion of power and boost your self confidence to the point it might actually work counter productive for you. Its like getting drunk in a nightclub and getting the guts to hit on the hottest girl there. It might work, but in most cases it will just leave you embarrassed If you drink while playing, youll be prone to risking more, and when high stakes are in the game, its not a good idea. It also makes it harder for you to decide the right time to stop, so you might find yourself blindly spending all your money with the just this one game logic until youre left with zero cash.


Dont play every hand


One of the most common beginners mistakes is that they overplay and play many hands that werent good enough to begin with, just to feel the action. You need to learn to have high starting hand standards and choose to fold if the odds of winning a hand arent high. Most fresh players insist on playing almost every hand thinking that more action increases the odds of winning, but its exactly the opposite the more you play with average hands, the bigger are the chances youll lose money. A common professional rule is that if youre staying in half the hands youve been dealt, or even more, youre doing it too much. Make sure you learn more about starting hands and how to decide whether to play or fold, as you can find many guidelines online.

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