If youre planning on earning money through online poker playing, you have to know from the start that although this is a card game, it should be taken as seriously as possible. Its OK if you like to play a game now and then and you dont mind losing a couple dozen dollars just for the fun of it, but if youre determined to make some real cash or turn this into an occupation, there are many things you should take into account.

We consulted some of the worlds top online poker players for advice, and they pointed out the most common mistakes theyve noticed among people theyre playing, especially young and inexperienced players. Heres some of the exclusive piece of advice from the professionals that could help you improve your playing.


Mistake No. 1

Getting distracted while playing


Some players tend to take online poker playing too frivolous, sitting in front of the computer while listening to music or leaving the TV on in the background. Any kind of distraction will lower your concentration, which is crucial in online games although it might not look that way. Even the slightest distraction makes you miss the important signs and rely simply on luck which isnt enough to win in most cases. Another big mistake players make is playing more games at the same time simultaneously. Dont get carried away or get greedy thinking this could be a way of earning more money more quickly. Only the professionals can handle focusing on several games at a time, and it takes years of practice and even thats not enough. Choose to focus on one game at a time, turn off anything but your computer and stop playing if you start feeling tired or deconcetrated.

Mistake No. 2

Using Auto Play


Since youre not actually seeing the person youre playing against, the only way of telling the opponents reaction on the hand theyve been dealt is the time response. The logic with this is pretty simple if someone makes a quick bet or call, they probably have a good hand. On the other hand, an automatic check means that your cards probably arent that great. Before using the auto play button next time, pause for a moment and think about the message youre sending, basically signaling everyone at the table that you have a bad hand.


Mistake No. 3

Not knowing when to quit


This is one of the hardest things to learn as even the most experienced online poker players sometimes have a hard time determining when to quit. If youre on a winning streak, its easy to get carried away and feel like you can win one more game, risking to lose all your previously earned cash. It works the other way around too, if youre losing game after game and keep telling yourself that youll play just this one more to get your money back. Chances are, this aint gonna happen. The more you struggle and the more desperate you are to win, youll be less focused and youll make more mistakes. Learn when its time to quit and remember that tomorrow is another day.

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