This is by far one of the most important issues when considering which casino to play at. How can you tell if you’re playing at a safe or reliable casino? Well the good news is that it’s really easy to tell if a casino is trustworthy enough to play at. The reason for this is that most casinos understand that this is your primary concern when deciding which casino is the right one for you and so they go out of their way to prove to their customers that they’re a safe casino.

Safety Measures

Some of the measures they use are obvious. Of course they have updated firewalls and include and SSL/TLS certificates to ensure safe financial transactions 24/7. But in addition to safety, they want to prove that they are a fair place to play and you will have a good chance to win money at their casino. In order to prove fairness most casinos agree to get tested by third-party organizations and a lot of gaming operators cooperate with watch dog organizations to settle any possible issues that arise.


Third-Party Testing Facilities:

Most casinos and software providers have their RNGs (Random Number Generators) and payout percentages tested by one of two organizations, TST (Technical Systems Testing) and eCOGRA. If a casino is tested by one of these organizations, they should have an updated copy of their recent certification posted in a visible spot on their website. One additional benefit to eCOGRA is that they help settle disputes between players and the casinos they’ve approved.

Watch Dogs:

The most popular casino watch dog is Casino Meister. This is one of the few forums that contain numerous personal reviews from players, saying both the positive and negative attributes of a casino. If there’s a problem with a particular casino, they will certainly be on Casino Meister’s list of “rogue casinos”. And if at any point you have a legitimate complaint about a particular casino, Casino Meister will do what they can to help resolve the issue.


One of the ways that you can check the safety of a casino on your own is to read reviews about the casino. Choose a few reviews of a casino and see how well the casino was received. If it’s a good review site, they should mention if there are any security concerns. Typically when there are, they’re listed in red or bold as a large warning on the review itself.



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